Thursday, March 01, 2007

My life now…

I’m starting college edi as most of u all know..
Where? Inti subang…
Studying what? Business adminisration.. which takes 2 and a half year!! Long giler.. -.-
But at last right that I’ve started college.. altho is not what I wanted to do.. hermmm..
Well, this course its killing me!! Well its because I’ve not been studying for the whole year last year la~ hmm so my brain rusty oredi~ lol~
Well…really stress la now… all the test . .assignments…exams and all!
Well nothing is easy tho..

I’ve always been wanting to post this earlier.. but this stupid stupid com!! Got something wrong la.. while half way typing! Sigh..

Last month there’s so many things going on… as in. .valentines party in church..
Test in college… valentines day. .then cny came.. valentines party at church was okie. something diff.. although it was less people.. but its fun! Had a masque n potpourri as our theme this year! Where everyone wears a mask..n dress semi-formally.. lol~ then we had games.. dance, karoke section…. dinner.. n etc.. I love the decorations! Thanks ppl those who helped! XD
Well on the 14th feb.. the real valentine day… I had a maths test.. sigh..but went our also la after that… et n watch movie…etc.. really romantic la! XD

Huhuhuh~ me went to JB.. my dad’s home town.. went there one day earlier.. cos my cousins not around to look after my grand ma.. it was real boring cos most of my cousins wasn’t around. .some went to a trip to china. some in australia. some came back few days later only.. i planed to go to Singapore.. i took my past-port down with me…but one silly thing is.. my family didn’t take their past-port down with them this year! Only my cousins family.. he packed it in his bag already earlier before I remind him.. lol~ without my other cousins… its really realy bored.. cos everytime…we use to go for a movie together.. play bowling.. yam cha n etc.. this really do nothing… online also bored.. sigh.
The day I wanted to go Singapore.. they told me that edi full.. one car.. that fits 6 people in.. and I’m the 7th.. so I thought I wont able to go.. but in the end my mom’s friend came down to JB just to take me to sweet of her!
She took my to many shop n all….took a lot of pictures too! Then stayed over night at her house..
My dad came back from Vietnam… but one funny thing was… he forget to give me ang pau beforer he leave.. so my mummy took his place to gimme also.. lol!
Well anyway.. I really cant wait to go to PD camp later on april.. inti cf’s 2007 camp!
Then me going to langkawi with 5 other friends with air asia! Cool~~~!!! Lol~
Well me need la the money..lots of money this year.. I alo want to go church’s retreat! Or may be not.. lol.. well.. im also going for a camp end of this year! So..yeap… need the money!! Need to arrange things properly.. time n studies n all la..haih..
Well okie.. nowadays I always wana play pool.. although I don’t really know how to play..but I just like to play!! Teach me people.. who know how to play! And ajak me la..when u all do play.. sigh.. ladies day discounts on that day ker.. lol…

Nowadays I’ve been hanging out a lot till late night.. but it wasn’t a serious matter for my family all while.. but.. don’t know why my brother is so strict this year! Not letting me go out from Monday till Thursday.. only can go out on the Friday or Saturday!!! Not fair! Sigh! And know what..another thing is I cant fail my exams if I do fail I’ve to re-sit the paper(s) again.. n I’ve to pay it by my self… if I do fail this course tingy.. I have to pay for everything by myself! Gosh! Frust giler d la me!! Gimie pressure only la my bro! haihs..
So now I guess I learnt my lessons kwa… I guess that’s why I’m in this family..
Well…yeap missing secondary school days already!
Lol.. k la.. till here only 1st…see la when am I going to update another blog! Lol!
Take care u all!
All the best in whatever u are doin k? thanks to my Bro n sis in christ 4 bein here with me when im in need.. thanks to Him~!
p/s.. i wana be on FIRE!!
God Bless!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My holiday at Penang~!!

(im back…after a long long break of my bloggin)

30th 9.00pm.. take bus at Pudu..
reached there around 1am plus 2am..
went to mamak with frens…
went to frens cousin palce to stay..
1st night.. slept at 3am plus..dang…

in the bus…listen to songs with mp4.
.nap for 10 munites…tried to sleep longer
but, tak jadi.. duno y..

when arrived to frens cousin hs..should b sleepy
unfortunatety after I wash up..i wasn’t tat sleepy anymore
dang..nvrm.. me tried to sleep tho..after 1 hours plus of sleep
which is around 5am? I was distracted by my fren’s snores~!!
So couldn’t sleep for a long time.. and we’ve to wake up like 8something?!?!

Well okie the next morning~
Complain abit~ ehhe~
Go book tickets to go back to kl on the 2nd jan
can u believe..the tickets..among the earliest.. 12.15am~!!
Imagine I might reach kl about 5am something and get ready to college by 7.30am?!
Well can sleep in the bus la..but its going to be tiring tho..

Then…ate breakfast..then..go shopping~!!
Ehhe~ wah…tell u..i really can shop a lot in penang ..duno y~!?
*I wish too tat I could shop tat much*
things there are slightly cheaper…its cos its west m’sia~!! Duh~!!
Bought mua bikini there..dang..only tat..kills my pocket.. -.-
Bought surfing pant~ etc etc. .ate ice-cream Baskin Robbins~!!!
Then eat dinner at mamak..hehe food there..really are good~@.@
Went to Gurney to chill.. get a drink at McD…then wait for “Count down”
Then…each of us..went 7-11 to get our “alcoholic” drink..
Chill at parking place infront of café..dun rem which one coffee bean or starbucks? Ahahha dun rem.. it was really really windy…so its reallt cooling out there..
We chat n joked around..till 2am plus.. was tired then… so went back to sleep..
Well I only sleep for 1 hour..and chill the whole dang day..and now going back to sleep at 3asm?! Dang..i know its normal for some ppl…but not me..! ahaha!!!
But its okie cos no need to wake up tat early…

The next day… woke up..ate brunch in the house..watched tv… nothing much.. nap..
Evening comes..ate dinner at THE ONE AND ONLY ONE TGI FRIDAY in the entire Penang!!
Dang..ahhaaha~ then go shopping again~ then eat ice cream..AGAIN~!! ahah but this time was at HAGEN DAEZ>?! Ahah duno da spelling correct not… ahahah! XD
Eheh it was really good..yum yummm~
Ahhah later..we tot of yam cha…with many many old town..
.but in the end only 1 small group n we actually go to Mcd!!! Of all places~!

Next.. next day la..i skip a lil..kay? hehe..the most cangih day~!! Memorable~!!
We went to this fountain thingy.. ahah..8-9 of us..
Splashing water to each other..doin a lot of stupid whatever we can!!
Ahaha~ and see rainbow by splashing more water?! Ahaaha… it was really nice!

Then the last day of chillin 2nd jan.. we went to this place..”fruit farm”
Syiok la tat place..everyone get their own fruit juice..and everyone ate ice kacang~
Really nice..every kindda fruits is in!! we sat at this place where can see the nice view..
And the place was really cooling tho~ really enjoyed it..

We tot of watching a movie..but timimng was a kindda not ngam..wanted to play pool but the place was close..haihs…so we ma just eat lunch only lo..
Finally.. my time comes… guess wat..yesh! the beach!! The beach~~! Tats wat im there for~!! HehHeeh XD

Wah..tell u..everone especially the guys was having fun! *sometimes they look stupid doing some things tho* hahaha!! Jkjk.. water there was really really salty!!
Loads of star fish!! And… and. .i think while I was in the water…I saw a small jelly fish beside me!!!..s..c…a..r….y… I quickly run out of the water.. haihs..but still continue play lo. And to be carefullll~!!. wat to do…

After everthing..we went steam boat for dinner!
Ahaha wah~~ really cheap n good~!!
I hadn’t got my days like tat for a long time.. chill the whole dang day! Really..
Well..we tot of eating ice cream at Swenson? Is tat the spelling? Aahah~ yeay watt o go there coz its Tuesday! Ist cheaper on Tuesday.. but we dint coz we already stuffed ourselves with da steam boat and its really late adi.. bout 10 plam pm…ant I got to pack my clothes n get ready to go off…
We were just nice..the timing to the mus and stuff… and we was really dead tired..
Is a sure thing tat I will sleep in the bus~!!

But the bus came a lil late.. and tot so will reach Pudu by 65 something..but the bus kinda took a lot time..stoped 2 hours more then we dint reach kl by 5 plus..instead we reached there around 6.50am… wow…tell u..we was kindda rush back to subang…
In the mus was really really cold..i was shivering even with a jacket on..

Came back to house around 7 am.. and get ready to college to enroll at fren fetch lo.. tel u bout college later…

Btw..i tot kl drivers was crazy.. well..and kl…usually have traffic jams.. but in penang.. drivers there are way more crazy!! Sometimes its really safe sometimes..not..! ahahha~!! frens cousin..drives like crazy…sitting behind his car… got all my bruises lo~ but ist cool la the way he drift and all.. just tat when mI not in a good consdition..ahahha..die la… I dun wan mention it leh.. u guess urself.. well wat I can do is ask God to safe guard me..
Anyway..yea I really like to go places to chill with frens… so if theres any duh~ pls ask me if I want to go? No?! ahahaha~!! XD heh see mua budget tho..hahaha =P

Tats it for now la..kindda long ey?
Will continue sometime tho..
take care ~!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

cant wait......

sometimes workin in a clothes shop....
we ppl intend to get more clothes..
u understand y... right?
if not..u'll understand later when u experienced it urself...
new season new intend to update urself too.....
so mua cant wait to get pants... my shirt...
n most pay~~!!! lol~~!! a lil bored n tired ofmy work edi...
lookin fwd to camps..holidays...trip~
so far..planned...Penang..?!

cant wait to get the puppy from my fren to another fren...
so cute~!!!

n my fwren cant wait to dunk me into da pool...... ~.~

cant see wats going to hpn....


Friday, October 13, 2006



working again..

this time....


at pyramid(dint want to since few years back)

but me..have no choice..

got nothing much to do...(still a lil regret)

cos planning to do others stuff...

n ...a lil of lepaking..

nvrm least i earn some..

its tiring n boring...

but this time is a lil more fun...

the ppl there...

the 1st day...dint late..

then the next few days....

late...( 1-14 munites)

the following days...slowly to be on time..

then...slowly went to work..come back form break time earlier..

about 5-15 munites earlier.. heheehe~

using cash everyday just to eat is killing me!!! gosh....

wat to do..haihs.. sumore duno wat to eat edi...(boring food)

next time pack from hs money...

my b-loved fren....always late to have lunch with me...

tried to wait patiently... heheeh~ =P to go for my youth fellowship also cant leh...

coz cant ask off on saturdays~!! huiyoo~ -.- nvm la..

not only that...

i cant go for camp n stuff~(well depends how long im working la)

at least ive learn more diff things.. heehehe~

will be dang bored when no customer...(easily guess wat am i working as)

stand n stand...sometimes..dinner always late.. a lil sick summore.. haihs.. ahhahah..

well that all for now la... not tat free edi...

sorry to those ppl who tried to get me...

my hp no credit le~~ (top up soon)XD

kk.........b4 tat....

just wana tell u guys..

take care yea everyone?!

luv u much~


Monday, September 25, 2006

watcha guys think bout it?

feng shui??? watcha think...?

theres one day when i came back home...opened the door
saw a feng shui man sitting down with my parents at da dining table..
i was shocked... but dint really care bout..
i went to my bro's room to watch an episode of bleach...eyes was tired
so went for a nap...half way...i was awake by them coming in without noticing.
they was stading at da doorstep..i couldnt walk out..have to stay on bed..
wait till they go off....while waiting..the feng shui man...was showing..
wat have to be moved..add..n yada yada in my bro's room.. almost everything
has to be changed n remove for the goodness sake~!! -.-
then....they went out...i tot well continue mua nap..then 2nd tot..may be not..
they might get in again just like i just stay up...
i wanted to go to my room...but the were inside tot of waiting for a lil while
but they in there for quite some time..after *he* looking around the whole house..
mostly asked my parents to add a clock..a clock facing da window in every room..
may be including da kitchen if im not mistaken.. -.-
n also have been told not to put anything behind any doors..let it open fully.. -.-

he*the feng shui man* is also a guy who help changes chinese name for da goodness sake~!!
they believe tat after changing some writing(chinese writing) of da name*but same pronounciation*
can change his/her future..his./her attitude n yada yada..

the very last mom called me out to the dining table..ok.. so i went n sit down
n my mom asked him to have a look at my life n blablabla.. i saw him writing my chinese name
on a piece of age...n the year im born...then there he goes..
starting to tell from my future (both bad n good)
mostly quite "tepat" i was shocked again..
so my parents..tot of changing my name..apperently all of our names(my bro's too)...
i dint like it...yes i dint like it at all..i mean so wat if changing my name for my good?
doesnt matter isnt it? i told them not to..duno if they did...if they really did... wat can i do??

my advisor told me these things is not for ive to reject it... well i wasnt really into it tho..
just dun care wat my parents does as long as im not into it..
i had feelings earlier when i open the door..

after the feng shui man went parents quickly turn the house upsite down.. 180 degrees
i was shocked seeing them...i asked them how much did they pay for it...rm600-700 they replied.
another shocking momment~~

sorry if theres any feng shui fellar reading this~!! ahhahaha~!! XD
anyway...well ppl...watcha guys think bout it?!

God no matter wat i do i still do love u... u still love me..hahaah i know u do... AMEN..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

my D...A.....Y....


the day b4 my bday...mum called me to get a present...present for me i tot..haaha...but..nope.. it was for her fren's wedding..a wedding gift..then..searched n searched..compared..bought..then..then..holding the gift...waiting for a fren to come...while waiting with my other fren...wanted to wash room..but dint...kept waiting.. saw my fren with a few of his frens...passed by me..n looking out for me...(as if they duno who they just passed by) nvrm.. nvrm... then head for dinner....bbq steam boat..wah~ syiokness~!! ahahhaha~!!
later..tot going for a movie...the group of guys wanted to head home tot okay..may be i just watch with another group of frens....but on that day ...dont have any nice changed our mind...walked around to get my bday present at last... guess wat...they're just my lovely frens with lovely mind...they got me a GLOW IN THE DARK(pink) "G" string~~!! (again.....?~?!?!?! ) many G strings they wana get me?! ahahahah~!! do i look like one who need em?! ahah! well i dont mind la.. thanks dudes~!! ahah..
went back to my appartment... chat down stairs...around the swimming pool... got dunk in da pool..was stuggeling when they tried pushing me...thanks to my "strong" legs...i bruises on my thigh too.. tried dunking my frens in the pool...hoho..hard work..but yeah... tot of pushing one by one..while fren did fall..n drag..pulled me down with them.. like..."arh....s...t...u..p...i..d..." buddy..took the trouble to walk up n down..tot she'll get some clothes or nice..but..not.. the beautiful thing.. the cake~ yes..the bday cake~ ahaha~!! that i dint know all a sweeet....~! thanks ppl~!! sing..cut cake n blablabla~!! (*pOOf*) CReam on my face~!! " so s...w...e...e...t...." so i took the cake i had on my hand..half way eating... smashed it on my frens face..n had cake fight continue.. (~.~)" wendy..stayed over at my till 4am plus.. oh~~ was tired..but we'll none stop chating~!! then...eyes really got tired...SO..ZzZZz....

Next day...woke up late planed out to eat...get ready to go out..opened the door..~*TA DA ~!!!*shocked to see.... MY fren with a ribbon tied on his hand..ahhaha...~!!(untie the ribbon-will be mine for the whole day..) ahhahahahah~!!
went for brunch..bah ku teh...hoohho~! so jeng~!! then went to church for youth fellowship... got another bday cake from my group(form 6/college) last munite senior rushed out to get a cake without anyone noticed~ ahha thanks again...~!! then..end..yf...the bbc got me another unique thing....full of everyones sweet...~~~ then after got back family was bz to have dinner with gonna have it another day with em..wait for my daddy to come home from viet.. so in the end..went out with my fren..wearing my new top n fren came to pick me up wearing shorts n slippers.... (~.~)....i was like..W...H..A...T??!?!!?!! ....*o...k..a...y...!.... nvrm..i dint really mind long as i had fun..~!RIGHT...? a few places to hang place to another... till my time for me goes....finish.. ahhahha... yeap..! not so hipper..but..nice..nice...yea..cos me sick on my not much can do.. thanks once again~!!

The End.... yes... that it...

ahhahah..well anyway..thanks ppl for ya testi n msgs..they're al lovely...nice of u ppl~

luv u guys loads!!

take care... GOd blesS~!!


MY day[s] (one full week)

sales ends by 3rd sept... so went shopping on the 2nd n 3rd sept..last munite shopping (sound so kiasu)
ahaha ist b'coz the 1st few broke okay~ also duno wat to buy that time..then finally on that last munite..
i know where to get my stuff...went shopping on 2nd sept..with eldest bro n his gf to get my bday present~ yeap~!
nice huh? yea bougth some clothes (tops) my bro..he's always complaining bout i dun have a nicer ones to wear out..

then in the evening..went shopping with my mummy..bout more things...untill all shop close...
on the last day of sales...went shopping the afternoon with my fren..get more clothes n stuff..
meet up some ppl..had a drink...then my fren went back..but continued shop with another fren.. lol.. went shop to shop..din get i wanted to get(hard to look for)
then dinner...after dinner...we walked n walked..n last munite..was searching for a new bag n skirt for myslef..
dah la the shop wana close adi..but i told them i just want to grab a skirt..ahahhaa!! so i did... lucky me~!! ahahha!!!

sales mall close...leg went to mamak for a drink..hang out for a while..then head back home..din get a went to get it another day(4th sept) sales but i just want to get the bag i always wanted to....but din..cos adi sold get a similar one..
then everyday that time onwards ive been out with my same
one of the day was my 2nd bro's gf's graduation day..ive been asked to get her dozen of roses...wah~
i also want ohw~!! bought...find her n gave it to her... while on the way...everyones(most girls) starring..not starring at me..
of course the roses..!! the pink beautiful sweet roses..with one special one n only red rose at d sweeet..thanks to my frens sharp eyes n ideas..
aahhaah jealous nyer...wei wei guys..know wat to do la hor~?! lol...

oh wait....i'll continue my other few days punya story la... i gtg soon..brb...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Emerge 2006

i know some of u guys have heard bout this...
this conference...iz RaWkEd by the City Harvest Church (chc) singapore n kl..
as u all know chc in singapore is a large church.. yeap..we had the conference in sunway.
3days 29-31 aungust... 2 sessions a day..morning @ chc.. n night @ sunway..

begin story......

i was feelin so lost..lost touch with HIM... dont know wat to do..tried to pray to read the bible..
nothing seems to change.. (lost faith??!) i duno... and i was still strugelling.. i duno if theres something
to do with "my will" - willingness to change n to follow...
then i was called to join my school ex-cf one day(a few days b4 the conference)... and my teacher adviser called me out n told me this...that " HE Sees n Hears...leave up all my burdens to HIM..." and she told me i'll have a break thru soon.. blessed~~ then a few days fren invited my to emerge 2006. there was great... a lil diff.. the service..
totally active.. made new frens..learn more things... altho it was a lil tiring.. coz the 1st session is in the morning ..
then 2nd session is at night..always will end till late..then got to wake up early for the 2nd morning.

on the last day..which was da merdeka day... i was out the whole day.. morning session..afternoon session..then night session..
the night session..believe always the most changgih one... i screamed n cheered for a team with the other team mates..
scream as loud as i can...knwing that i dont have a bottle of water with me..ahhaah~!! (die- troat pain adi~!!) the next day got cough... =P TILL today...
dint get to count down on the 31st cos was bz choosing a present for my fren.. nvm...but when i went out to walk to a mamak which is not that far...on the way there... was crowded with ppl(aliens) spraying those thingy every where at anyone..
ok..anyway...i told u that i was strugelling right? of wat? of my decisions...decisions that leads to my future.. (too young to think bout that? nah.. ist not true) better plan..dun follow blindly....*follow da perfect plan*

all 3 days...i told myself..there's always a reason im here..prayed n prayed ... then i try seeking d answer... n then i destiny called out to me...then i know i got to reach my hands out for it..
it makes me.....feel... i want to know HIM..seach HIM more... to get the answer..

so..hey future.... im on my way..wait for me!!!!

well i enjoyed their performance...the talented finals..the writers...ps2 players...n more!
i love the band..the guitaris espeacially... so "jeng" (cool) the DRUMs/drummers too~!!